Many People have enquired about how to book Cardiff tours with me. Therefore, I am offering these guided tours for those who have been in touch with me. Book in soon.

Difflomats offers various tours in and around Cardiff. Two of my most popular tours involve the Coal Exchange and Mountstuart Square.

Tour 4: Cardiff Bay

This is a history walk and talk about Tiger Bay, the bustling Victorian docklands where industrialists, entrepreneurs and millionaires breathed the same air as dockworkers, office clerks and paupers in the gutters.

At the heart of the decision-making and money-making was the Coal Exchange. Where the first cheque for a million pounds was signed. Hopefully, we will have a museum and souvenir shop in the exchange with the million Pound Cheque fridge magnets on sale, one day.

Tour 12: Television & Film locations

This involves a modern-day phenomenon, that of the thriving television and film industry. Cardiff has a ring of production studios, often nicknamed "Valleywood": including Dragon Studios, Pinewood Studios and the BBC Drama Studios at Roath Lock, itself. Mountstuart Square, the Coal Exchange and the old Nat West Bank on Bute Street as well as the Wales Millennium Centre, Torchwood Tower and lanto's Shrine are essential for any fan to come to Cardiff to see, touch and photograph. The Square has been used in countless episodes and the Exchange itself was utilised as the heart of the Titanic in one Doctor Who Christmas special. So, one day, soon I would love to show fans on my walking tours the interior if this beautiful building, again, But most importantly, is Cardiff as a city and its hinterland, and it's ability to provide a huge variety of historical and environmental locations for filming from Roman settlements, medieval castles, Tudor and Georgian manor houses, Victorian and Wartime streets, and futuristic niches to desert, moorland, gorges and waterfalls, rainforest, dense woodland, rolling countryside, rivers, mountain, cliff, islands and shore backdrops. Thus, these easily accessible and available locations have drawn filmmakers and television production companies from all over the world to our part of Wales. Whereas Cardiff was world-famous for sport, the city and surrounding area are now also as famous for filming Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sherlock, the Sarah Jane Adventures, Wizards & Aliens, Class, Ordinary Lies, Being Human, Gavin & Stacey, Decline & Fall, The Contractor, Human Traffic and Tiger Bay etc.

£5 per person for 2 hours (it often goes over time). £4 for teenagers. Children are FREE. Pay me on the day. So, please turn up.

To book Cardiff tours: please contact me through the Contact us page bring a friend or two or three but let me know if you cancel too. Please I'll keep a waiting list, offer you space on another tour, or create a fourth tour, if there is a good response.